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Tempe Emergency Plumbing: Common Issues and Solutions

Tempe Emergency Plumbing Common Issues and Solutions

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There is no doubt that plumbing issues are never fun. If the drains are clogged or there are any leakages, you may not be able to take a shower or flush the toilet. According to research, an average household leak can waste up to 9,400 gallons a year. 


If such a problem remains unchecked, it will cost you a fortune. In this blog, we will discuss a few common plumbing problems and how emergency plumbing experts in Tempe can solve them efficiently. 


Clogged Toilets and Drains

You can notice the signs of clogged drains and toilets easily despite emptying the sink, water backing up, or water overflowing the toilet instead of flushing normally. Usually, house owners can DIY clean the sink with drain cleaners. 


However, such chemicals deteriorate the material of the piper over time. Also, when you get repeatedly clogged in the same sink or can’t clean the hard waste easily, you must hire emergency plumbing professionals in Tempe


You can solve the problem by following these tips: 


Start with a plunger to help remove the clog, which uses air pressure to loosen clogs.

If you can draw the blockage close enough, use tweezers or pliers to grab it and remove it.

Chemical drain cleaners are an option if plunging doesn’t work.

Plumbing snakes can help get the water flowing again


Faulty Faucets

This is another common issue most houseowners face at least once in their lifetime. Research suggests that fixing the problem with emergency plumbing experts will save around 10 percent on your water bill. You can easily spot the issue because the water drips out of the problematic faucet. Fixing leaky faucets often means replacing a washer. You can do this yourself. 


However, special tools make the job easier. Even replacing a U-joint can be tricky. It’s sometimes better to let a professional handle pipe leaks. This helps avoid making a big mess. If you haven’t repaired such a problem before, contact an expert quickly to save water and your hard-earned money. 


Low Water Pressure

This mainly occurs in old homes, but it can happen in new houses as well. Low water pressure gets worse over time, slowly, based on various reasons. Regardless of the causes, you face difficulties getting showered. Therefore, you should contact emergency plumbing professionals in Tempe as soon as possible. 


If you notice problems with your showerhead, unscrew the faucet tap and clean it. To do that, soak it in vinegar to loosen the buildup. But if the problem does not seem easy, contact an experienced plumber quickly. 


Running Toilet

Toilet plumbing issues vary, but a running toilet is particularly annoying. It’s often caused by malfunctioning inner components, like a poorly fitting flapper valve or an imbalanced float. To fix it, check each part, adjusting or replacing it as needed. You can use food coloring to detect leaks. 


For persistent problems, replacing all internal components with a repair kit may help. While prevention is difficult, regular inspections can catch issues early. If replacing parts doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to call an emergency plumbing expert in Tempe. Regular maintenance can help avoid more serious plumbing issues in the future.


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These are a few problems most house owners experience. It is annoying to deal with such plumbing issues, but hiring an emergency plumbing expert in Tempe will save you both time and money. To book our slot, contact us at Froggy Fix.

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