Ultimate Fix: Unclog a Drain in Scottsdale When Nothing Works


Ultimate Fix: Unclog a Drain in Scottsdale When Nothing Works

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There is no doubt that all plumbing systems become clogged, and you cannot avoid it at any cost. There are various ways to clear the clogs, but if nothing works, contact an expert drain cleaning professional in Scottsdale. In this blog, we will give some practical tips to unclog the drains and how you can evaluate the clogs before cleaning them. Read on. 


There are two types of drain clogs: partial and complete blockages. In cases of particle blockage, water drains, but the clogged drain sluggishly due to soap scum and grease buildup. But when it comes to permanent clogs, you may have to use a chemical solution. Apart from the severity of the clog, you must also focus on the location and composition of the clog. 


How Do the Drain Cleaning Experts Unclog a Drain in Scottsdale?


Vinegar and Baking Soda

You have to mix 1/3rd of a cup of vinegar with 1/3rd of a cup of baking soda in a measuring cup and pour the mixture down the clogged drain without wasting time. This amazing solution will help you remove hair, gunk, and grime that have built up in the pipe. 


Now, wait for an hour and pour hot water. Apart from that, you can also clean the drain in another way. First, use as much dry baking soda as you can down the drain, and then pour the vinegar. 


Dish Detergent

If the toilet is clogged, mix 1/4 cup of dish detergent with water and boil it. After that, pour the hot mixture into the drain and wait for some time. The detergent acts as a lubricant, and you can easily remove the debris by plunging. If you cannot remove it, use rubber gloves. If these strategies don’t work, contact professional drain cleaning experts in Scottsdale quickly. 


Clearing the Floor Drain 

There are floor drains beneath many garages, basements, and laundry rooms that carry away wastewater from several sources, including washing machines, air conditioners, snow-covered cars, and water heaters. As a result, various types of debris, including sand, laundry lint, soap scum, and slimy bacteria, build up inside the drain pipes. 


You cannot remove these stubborn clogs by yourself. To do that, you have to use an electric power auger. Such machines will not be available in regular shops, and you don’t have any skills for that. Therefore, it would be best if you hired professional drain cleaning experts in Scottsdale for effective results. 


Chemical Clog Removal

You can use a chemical clog removal solution, but this should be the last resort. First of all, this may not remove all the stubborn debris from the pipes, and it is also a dangerous material. If you want to remove the clog by using a plunger, then using such chemicals is extremely dangerous. In addition, such chemicals are also harmful to both your pipes and the environment, and you may need to change the pipe materials frequently. So, if you want to avoid such problems frequently, contact drain cleaning experts in Scottsdale


Unclogging a Bathtub

The shower drain needs to be plunged, just like a sink. Cover the overflow. This will help build pressure in the drain. Remove the overflow cover. Put a rag over the overflow hole. Press down with your hand. This seals the overflow. The plunger can then build up pressure. This pressure may push the clog through.


If the plunger does not work, use the overflow hole another way. Feed a drain snake through the overflow opening. The overflow provides a straight path to the drain trap. This avoids the tight turn of the regular drain.


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If you opt for a DIY job, then you should keep a few necessary tools handy. The following are a plunger, a cable auger, a closet auger, and an electric power auger. A plunger can eliminate debris from sinks, tubs, and toilets, and a closet auger can snake out toilets. However, if you want to see effective results, contact a professional drain cleaning company in Scottsdale. You can also contact us at Froggy Fix to get long-term results at a fair price.

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