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Blocked Drain Plumber

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Drain and sewer system installed in our homes plays an important role in maintaining hygiene as it facilitates the removal of waste and wastewater. Whether residential or commercial, maintaining a plumbing system is essential for smooth functioning. 


Froggy Fix was formed with the aim of simplifying these issues. This is why we offer 24/7 plumbing services so that we can fix plumbing issues quickly at any time. Our trained blocked drain plumber can provide you with the best solutions for all types of plumbing issues. We pay attention to all our clients no matter if the job is small or big, all of our clients are equally important to us.


Common Reasons for Blocked Drains


There are a lot of daily activities that we do unconsciously, leading to clogged drains. Have a look at the five main causes of blocked drains below:


Hair: This is one of the most common causes of clogged drains. It sits around and builds up but people fail to recognize it until it over-clogs the pipelines which leads to slow draining. Whether it’s a sink or shower, if you’re noticing issues with water flow, hire a plumber and get this problem fixed soon. 


Food: Many people have a tendency to leave the leftover food on the plate and they keep it in the sink. Even the tiny food particles will add up and clog the drains after a certain point of time. 


Grease; We always tell our clients to avoid pouring hot grease down a drain. Many people follow a practice which includes pouring hot water after they pour grease but this isn’t going to fix it. Grease makes its way through the pipe and solidifies after cooling down. If this happens, you can hire our blocked drain plumber as they will get down to where the grease is clogging and fix the problem. 


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