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Advanced Series

Water Conditioning System Built to Fit Your Needs and Water Conditions

Advanced Series Remove Water Hardness

Remove unwanted hardness or minerals from your household water, from local water or private wells, with the Advanced Series. Used alone or in combination with filters and neutralizers, this system can tackle any challenging water problems.

  • Helps eliminate dry skin and scalp.
  • Makes cleaning easier and saves you money on soap and detergent.
  • Soft, hardness-free water for your family
  • Cleaner, shinier dishes and silverware, and scale-free plumbing fixtures.
  • Wash your vehicles and recreational toys with hardness-free water to help eliminate spotting.

System Specifications

System Tank Size Weight Height Width Depth Inlet/Outlet
AS075 8” X 44” 54lbs 52” 24” 18” 1”
AS100 9” X 48” 74lbs 55” 26” 18” 1”
AS150 10” X 54” 93lbs 61” 27” 18” 1”
AS200 12” X 52” 121lbs 59” 28” 18” 1”

Lifetime Warranty Environmentally Conscious Made in the U.S.A.

Our System Optimizes Savings by Controlling Salt and Water Usage

Limited Lifetime Warranty* – On the brine tank, resin tank, ion exchange resin, and valve body.

Advanced Series Features

  • Smart valve calculates the most efficient operation based on your families usage.
  • Internal battery backup in times of power outage. Times and settings are saved for worry free operation.
  • Premium grade NSF certified resin.
  • Commercial grade high strength components, designed to work in your home.
  • Advanced Series – where style and elegance meets durability and efficiency.

Typically sized as:

2-4 People – 32000 grain – 10 GPM Max
3-6 People – 48000 grain – 15 GPM Max
5+ People – 64000 grain – 20 GPM Max

Typical sizing depends on water conditions and hardness of water.

How It Works

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